Inspired by light and composition Adam Cohen started his experiment with photography using an old SLR when he was a young child. He applied to photography school as a teenager to learn the essence of B&W and Color hand printing, as well as studio light. After high school Cohen spent a year working as a photography assistant. Afterward Cohen attended 36 months of mandatory service in the IDF, followed by a year of traveling in East Asia and Australia. He then went back assisting Yisrael Cohen, a commercial photographer in T.A. In 2004 Cohen moved to NY to expand the breadth of his work. In 2009 Cohen was offered to shoot his first moving images video clip using stop motion technique. Inspired by moving images Cohen has shot and produced videos, ranging from documentary and promotional clips for a synagogues and local businesses to a music video for the Grammy nominated singer Xiomara Laugart. Cohen currently resides in Brooklyn Heights where he continues working as a videographer and a photographer. As an artist, Adam’s works can not only be found in the homes of private collectors in New York but also at the new Marquee club in Las Vegas.